We are up and running again after the  Covid Lockdown.

There is a bit of confusion at the moment about how pubs operate in the ‘new environment’. So this is to let you know what we are doing.


We have worked hard to make sure our pub is as friendly and welcoming as a pub should be, whilst at the same time keeping it as safe as possible for our staff and customers.


We have never lived through a Gloabal Pandemic before. It is all new to us too. Please bear with us - especially as many of these rules change frequently.

Bookings – These are ‘recommended’ but not ‘required’. We are taking ‘Walk-Ins’, subject to capacity. We have needed to take a few tables out of service to provide Social Distancing space.

Size of Groups – We cannot host groups of more than 6 people. These can be from up to six households. If you are looking for a family booking with more than 6 people please let us know – as it is possible that there may be exceptions to this rule. 

Sport - With the footy season up and running again, we are excited to be showing sports. Please bear in mind, however, that we will not be able to play the volume at full sound levels. It is all about making sure the room is safe for everyone. We can't wait to cheer as loudly as possible the moment when Brighton score their 7th goal in the demolition of Real Madrid in the Champions League Final....but we do have to accept that may not be happeing in the immediate future....

Table Service – We will happily take your orders from your table. OK, Put another way, you can now only order from your table!  

There is absolutely no need to download an App to process your order on-line. We think a nice smile from our staff, a pen and a pad works just as well and is much more pleasant.

Payment – We will happily cash, but we would prefer a card payment instead, if this is convenient.

Sanitiser – Loads of it everywhere. Please help yourself at all times.

Social Distancing – We are limited a bit by our physical size. It is not possible to have a ‘One Way’ system around the bar, so we just politely ask for everyone to be a little patient and let others go by at the identified ‘pinch-points’. This is working fine.

Face Coverings - Our staff are now required to wear Face Coverings at all times. Can we politely remind all customers that the law now requires customers to wear Face Coverings when moving around the pub.

Contact Details We are required by law to collect Contact Details for our customers. This can either be done through scanning the QR code at the entrance to the pub, or simply using a pen and filling in a Contact Details Sheet.Contact details will NOT be used for any marketing purposes, only for the Test & Trace initiative. 

10pm Closing - Unfortunately we need to close the pub at 10pm each night. This means vacating the building by 10pm, not rining 'Last Orders'. Please undersatnd - we don't want you to go home early when you are enjoying yourselves - but we don't want you (or us!) to be served with a whapping fine either.


In addition to the above requests – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES!

If you have any queries – please let us know.