We are up and running again after the  Lockdown 2.

There is a lot of confusion at the moment about how pubs can operate in the ‘new environment’.


We are trying to make a ‘Pub-Going-Experience’ as ‘normal’ as possible – whilst, of course, making sure it is a safe environment for everyone. None of us have ever lived through the end of the world before, so please bear with us. It is as new to us as it is to you and is changing all the time.


This is to let you know about the restrictions which apply to us. These are in place as at today’s date and will remain in place until at least 16th December. Please read these carefully. If there is any doubt then it is best to clear this in advance and so enable you to have a relaxed and enjoyable time with us.


Tier 2 Restrictions

All pubs in Brighton are subject to ‘Tier 2’ restrictions.


We are allowed to be open from noon until 11pm (last orders at 10pm). All customers need to be seated, we must operate ‘Table Service’ and guests are restricted to members of their Personal Household (including Support Bubbles) or Business Meetings. Guests must consume a ‘substantial meal’ during their visit to us.


‘Substantial Meal’

We are serving our delicious range of Thai food.


The overall government guidance is that we need to ‘function like a restaurant’. You will have plenty of time to enjoy your meal with us – just as in a restaurant. You will not be required to leave the minute the last grain of rice is consumed. You wouldn’t leave a restaurant so quickly and neither will you be asked to leave us at speed. We all know the jokes about having a scotch egg and staying for 8 hours afterwards – but that won’t be happening either. It’s all about common sense.



These are ‘recommended’ but not ‘required’.


We are taking ‘Walk-Ins’, subject to capacity. The last thing we would want is for a customer without a booking to stand outside whilst waiting for another guest to leave whilst a December storm lashes from the sea! It’s not really what going to the pub is all about….


As you will know, we need to call Last Orders at 10pm, but everyone is now allowed an hour of Drinking-Up time. The pub needs to be empty at 11pm, but this allows plenty of time to enjoy yourselves before the ‘Boris Bell’ rings!


Size of Groups 

Under the Government’s latest rules, our guests need to be part of the same household (including support bubbles) or be part of a business meeting. Maximum number is 6.


It is not for us to pry and / or demand proof of all of this, but guests will be asked to confirm their understanding of the Government’s rules upon arrival.


Cancellations - We will happily take bookings and we don’t wish to take deposits. It doesn’t really feel right, does it? However, in return, could we ask that should your plans change, and you decide not to come along to us, then could you please just give us a call to let us know (01273 608571). This will allow us to use the table for others. We will hold tables for 15 minutes beyond the booked time, after which these may be released again. If you are running late – please just give us a call.


Table Service Only – We will happily take your orders from your table. Put another way, we must take orders from the table or we all go to prison(-ish). There is absolutely no need to download an App to process your order on-line. We think a nice smile from our staff, a pen and a pad works just as well and is much more pleasant. You might not see our staff’s smile, because they are now required to wear face masks, but I promise you – it is there.


Payment – We will happily take cash, but we would prefer a card payment instead, if this is convenient.


Sanitiser – Loads of it everywhere. Please help yourself at all times.


Social Distancing – We have needed to take a few more tables out of service to provide Social Distancing space. We are limited a bit by our physical size. It is not possible to have a ‘One Way’ system around the bar, so we just politely ask for everyone to be a little patient and let others go by at the identified ‘pinch-points’. This is working fine. (Face coverings to be worn when moving around the pub).


Contact Details – We are required by law to collect Contact Details for our customers. This can either be done through scanning the QR code at the entrance, or simply using a pen and filling in a Contact Details Sheet. They will NOT be used for any marketing purposes, only for the Test & Trace initiative. 


If you have any queries – please let us know.


In addition to the above requests – PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELVES!